LaTeX-Mk F.A.Q.

Can I run LaTeX-Mk on my favorite operating system?

LaTeX-Mk is primarily developed under NetBSD, but should quite portable. The primary requirement is a BSD compatible make or GNU make.

How can I tell if I have BSD make?

If you are running a BSD operating system such as NetBSD or FreeBSD, then you have BSD make. If you are on another operating system, it is possible that someone may have installed a BSD compatible make under the name bmake. However in this case you may wish to use GNU make to be sure that you have a supported make program.

How can I tell if I have GNU make?

Under some operating systems such as GNU/Linux, the program called make is often times GNU make. To be sure, try running "make --version". If you get a message back like:

        GNU Make 3.80
        Copyright (C) 2002  Free Software Foundation, Inc.
        This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.
        There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
Then you have GNU make. Many times, GNU make is installed under the name "gmake" to avoid a conflict with a system supplied make. In that case, try running "gmake --version" to see if you have a working GNU make installed under that name on your system. Please note that you need at least version 3.80 of GNU make.

I have GNU make but LaTeX-Mk Doesn't Work.

Make sure you have at least version 3.80 or newer of GNU make. Try running "make --version" or "gmake --version" to figure out what version you have. Unfortunately some important and powerful features did not exist prior to this version and it is very unlikely that I will figure out how to port LaTeX-Mk to older versions of GNU make.

I don't use *BSD but want BSD make. How can I get it?

A portable snapshot of NetBSD's make can be downloaded from the files section of the LaTeX-Mk Sourceforge Project Page.

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